How does the membership work?

Join My Indiska customer club
Become a member and subscribe to a free, colorful and inspiring membership at or at the checkout in one of our stores.

Collect points
You get 1 point for each 1 SEK or Euro spent. This results in a bonus check of 30 SEK or 3 Euro for every 1000 points you earn.

Take your membership to the next level
The membership has 3 levels, the more you shop at Indiska, the more benefits you will get. As you reach the membership levels for SILVER and GOLD during the membership period, lots of exclusive offers, events and suprises awaits you.

The membership level is determined by the number of points you earn during your membership period:

  • Member 0 – 1500 points
    As a member you get to enjoy ongong inspiration and offers

  • SILVER 1500 – 5000 points
    Once you reache the membership level SILVER, we are honored to offer you benefits such as the opportunity to shop sale items before others, preview of new collections and surprise offers

  • GOLD 5000 points or more
    At membership level GOLD you become a part of the Indiska family and receive invitations to exclusive VIP events and previews

Under "My pages" you are able to see what level you belong to, how many points you have left to the next membership level and keep track of your points.

Period of your membership
My Indiska has a credit period which includes all purchases you made in the last 12 months. The score calculation is always done on a continuous basis, from today's date to 12 months back.

How to use discounts
Discounts and bonus checks are avaliable when you sign in as a member at or enter your social security number in one of our stores. Please note, that it is only possible to be member in one country at the time.

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