When do I have right to make a complaint?

The right of complaint applies to products that are incorrect in accordance with current consumer protection legislation. According to the Consumer Purchases Act, you have the right to make a complain of products within 3 years from the time of purchase. In the case of a complaint, the defects must be reported to Indiska as soon as possible. Defects that are reported to Indiska within 2 months from the time of purchase is always considered within a resonable time. If the defect appears later, you as a customer must be able to prove that the damage is a "congenital" damage of the product.

In the event of damage due to neglect, abnormal use where the item has not been used according to instructions, accidents or similar reasons, Indiska are not held responsible for the defects and you do not have the right to make a complaint.

You are welcome to contact our Customer Service team if you have any questions or feel unsure of your case.

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