Do I need to pay my invoice before submitting my return?

If you have made an order at and have chosen Klarna invoice as the payment method, you are able to pause your invoice until Indiska receive your return. This applies when you send your return through a parcel service point to Indiska warehouse.

You can easily pause your invoice by signing in at or in your Klarna app. Tap the "Report return" link at the invoice related to your purchase at Indiska, followed by "I have returned my products". Then the invoice is paused, and you do not have to worry about the due date while you wait for us to handle the return.

When we have received your return package, we will adjust the invoice and you will receive a confirmation from Klarna letting you know that changes have been made to your payment. If you have chosen to keep parts of the order, you will receive an updated invoice and you will be asked to pay what remains. If you have returned the complete order, only a return fee will remain for you to pay.

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