The advantages of polyester are that it is possible to obtain different structures and properties depending on how the fiber is spun. It gives good color resistance, is form-stable, easy to maintain and lasts for a long time. The polyester can usually withstand washing at 40 degrees, the material dries quickly and rarely needs ironing.

The enviromental advantage of polyester compared to natural fibers is that very little water is used in manufacturing. Polyester does not have the same chemical problem as cotton in the production of fibers because it is not a cultured fiber. It is relatively easy to recycle used polyester textiles. The disadvantage is that the extraction of the oil and that the production of polyester itself is very energy intensive and polyester emits microfibers during washing.

Try to not wash the polyester garments that much. But when you really need to, we recommend using a laundy bag and filling the washing machine properly and using liquid detergent instead of powder. Washing at lower temperatures reduces the wear on the product, so have that in mind. It also contributes to both lower energi consumprion and less microfibre release :)

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