Why have I not received all my products in my order?

If you have placed a larger order, like a rug or a lamp, we may sometimes need to send the thems in different packages. This means that you will receive different notifications about your packages. Sometimes the second notification is mistaken for a reminder and it is easy to believe that a product is missing although it in fact is available for pick up at your parcel service point. Double check if you have been notified for different packages.

Should an ordered item prove to be out of stock it will be deleted from your placed order. It will then appear in your digital receipt and delivery note that this item is not included in the package. Any reserved amount in your account used for payment is going to be released or an update of the invoice issued is made. Indiska.com is reserved against possible final sales and iventory balances.

Is your product missing even though it is included on both the receipt and your delivery note? Please contact our Customer Service and we will assist you!

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