Wool is one of our oldest natural fibers with several unique, natural properties. Wool absorbs moisture from the skin while it insulates well even when moist. The quality of the wool fiber depends, among other things, on the breed, origin, when it was cut and the length of the fiber.

Because the fibers are soft and fuzzy, wool products have a tendency to buckle under normal use. This is due to the fact that the fibers have different lengths where the shortest tend to crawl out and form pods. It can be removed with a thin comb or by hand. 

Wool fibers are also dirt repellent which means that you do not need to wash your wool products as often. Insted of washing the garment, you can weather it. By doing this instead, not only water and energy are saved, the garment also lasts longer.

Wool can shrink when it is too much movement in the washing machine or when too high temperatures and too much laundry detergent are used. When it is time to wash a woolen garment, we recommend the wool washing program and fine detergent made for wool and silk.

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