Recycled polyester

The advantages of polyester are that it is possible to obtain different structures and properties depending on how the fiber is spun. It gives good color resistance, it is form-stable, easy to maintain and lasts for a long time. The polyester can usually withstand washing at 40 degrees, dries quickly and rarely needs ironing.

Recycled polyester usually comes from PET bottles or waste materials from textile and plastic production. There are several environmental benefits to using recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester made from oil. The use of oil, which is a non-renewable resource, is decreasing. It also consumes signidicantly less energy when manufactured from recycled materials, and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. In addition, plastic waste is recycled and it is relatively easy to recycle used polyester textiles. One disadvantage is that microfibers when washing.

Try not to wash your polyester garment too often, only when it is really needed. Use the laundy bag and fill the washing machine properly and use liquid detergent instead of powder and wash at lower temperatures. This will extend the lifetime of the polyester garment, and also contributes to lower energy consumtion and less microfibre release.

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