3. Customer data

3.1 When the customer is about to place an order on the webshop, the customer will be asked to provide certain personal information. The customer confirms that the information that the customer provides is correct and complete. The customer is responsible for incorrect information. Information about Indiska's processing of personal data can be found in the Indiska privacy policy, which is a part of these terms.

3.2 The customer undertakes to ensure that no one but the customer can use the customer's membership credentials. The customer may not disclose the username and password to any unauthorized person and shall ensure that documents containing the username and password information are stored in such a way that an unauthorized person cannot access the information. The customer must immediatley report to Indiska if it is suspected that a unauthorized person knows the customer's password. The customer is responsible for all purchases made with the customers credentials.

3.3 If Indiska suspects that the customer is abusing the membership account, credentials or otherwise violates the terms, Indiska have the right to suspend the customer. Indiska also have the right to assign new credentials to the customer for whatever reason.

3.4 Personal data and marketing
Indiska Magasinet AB protects your privacy and strives to always protect your personal information in the best possible way. It is Indiska's goal to comply with all applicable laws and regulations for personal data protection at all times. 

Indiska Magasinet AB (556008-5424), Box 27317, 102 54 Stockholm, Sweden, is responsible for processing personal data that you as a customer submit to Indiska Magasinet AB, OY or AS. By accepting these terms of purchase, you as a customer agree to Indiska Magasinet AB's processing of personal data in accordance with the paragraph.

Indiska Magasinet AB also processes information that you as a customer submit to Indiska Magasinet AB, such as contact information and social security numbers (Sweden), as well as information collected by Indiska Magasinet AB or its partners from elsewhere such as address information and updated contact information as well as purchase history that is recorded in connection with your purchases. In connection to your purchase, we will check your information with your registered address.

Indiska Magasinet AB will process the personal data that you as a customer submit to Indiska Magasinet AB to administrate your order and delivery of products. Your personal data may also be used for identification, administration and for statistical purposes. If you specifically agree to it, your information may also be used for direct marketing.

Processing of information by Indiska Magasinet AB can also mean interconnection, both within and ourside the EU, with other relevant parties and that your personal data might transferred to other companies within the Indiska Magasinet AB group. Personal data is also transferred to our partners for the purpose of administering and facilitating your purchase, such as transport companies and Klarna AB.

As a customer, you have the right to request information about your personal data at Indiska. You are allowed to do so once a year. A signed request must then be submitted to Indiska Magasinet AB. The request must be made in writing and cannot be sent by email. If personal data is processed in violation of the Personal Data Act, you as a customer have the right to request that the data should be corrected, blocked or deleted.

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