How will I know when my package has arrived?

When your package is ready for pick up, you will receive a notification via text message, email or letter from the respective carrier. The notification contains a serial number that you will need to bring when collecting your package. If you have not received this serial number, it might be because the package has not arrived jet. Feel free to contact the Customer Service department of each carrier.

If your package is transported by Schenker, you can easily find your serial number on your own. Start by opening the digital receipt you got from Indiska by email. The email was sent when the package left our warehouse. The tap the tracking number found in the email to be redirected to Schenker's tracking service. On this page you will see the serial number connected to your package, which you will need in order to etrieve your package. Please note that a serial number is only displayed when the package has reached the pick up point.

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