How do I make a return with Budbee Home?

If you have received your delivery via Budbee to your home, follow the instructions below to send your return back to us. Find out the return fee for returns to our web warehouse here.

Step 1

Find your delivery via the link you received via text message from Budbee in connection with the delivery, or through the Budbee app.

Step 2

Click on the "book return" button, choose a date and time that suits for Budbee to come and pick up your return.

Step 3

Pack the goods you wish to return in the original packaging or equivalent packaging.

You do not need a return shipping label to stick on the outside of the package when returning through Budbee. The driver prints out a return label and sticks it on the package when arriving at your adress.

Step 4

When the pick-up time is approaching, you can choose to leave the parcel outside the door or hand it over to the driver directly.

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